Time and Expense Tracking and Billing Solutions

We enjoy getting to understand your needs…
…to provide you with answers
  • Time sheets that provide client and project profitability analysis
  • Reports to run your business more efficiently and effectively
  • Client time and expense billing, and automated invoicing
  • Time and attendance systems
  • Customised time tracking to precisely meet your business needs
  • Integration with your existing systems…
    …accounting, project or job costing, payroll and HR
We work with you to build understanding…
 …and develop mutual trust and confidence
  • Your only initial commitment is to help us understand your needs
  • Our advice is based on your needs and our experience and expertise
  • We normally recommend and demonstrate a solution for you
  • We may build a proof of concept model, with data you provide
  • We should all understand whether the solution should work for you
  • You only proceed…
    …when you are confident that our solution will work for you

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