The services we provide are comprehensive, efficient and cost effective.

Our objectives:
  • To understand your information requirements and help you select the right solution
  • To configure your database to hold all the information you will need
  • To set up your system to deliver results quickly, easily and accurately
  • To populate the system with your initial data
  • To design custom reports to meet your needs
  • To integrate with other systems, if required
  • To train your staff
  • To review periodically to ensure your solution still matches your needs
Our professional services include:
  • Consultancy
  • Database design and population
  • Installation
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Report writing for administrators and key users
  • Training for end users
  • Pilot and trial programmes
  • System reviews

The Sareen team calls upon the expertise and experience within both Deepak Sareen Associates and its sister company, Sareen Software. We realise that each implementation is unique and requires special attention and we will support you every step of the way.

Examples of questions we’ll ask:
  • Will your users add tasks to their time sheets or will the tasks come from a different system?
  • How will your time tracking application interact with your financial systems?
  • How can you make all of these things work together in a fluid and cohesive manner?

The Sareen team has assisted in many implementations. Whether starting out or reviewing your existing time systems, the team is able to offer support and advice on the issues you face. We are able to offer unique perspectives on the best approach for your organisation as a result of the vast range of knowledge we have garnered in a wide range of professional services firms and in industries as diverse as public sector, pharmaceutical, aeronautical and health.

This support may be as specific as system requirements and setup advice, through database and report development, to training.

We also provide integration with existing or new systems. Where necessary we supplement our own knowledge and experience, working with your own specialists and partners and our worldwide partner network.

Call us on 0208 423 8855 or email us to discuss a time tracking system for your company.