Our customers’ requirements vary from business to business to the extent that all customers in the same profession or industry sector are not necessarily best suited by the same solution.

Office Timesheets is used by Information Technology firms and Professional Services organisations from Engineering Consultancies, Architects, Chartered Surveyors and Construction Professionals to PR Agencies, who need to track their time and expenses for project management, client profitability and, optionally, time billing. It is also used by Financial Services companies and those in the Commercial and Manufacturing sector that need to track time and cost products, projects and services.

Local Authorities and Government Departments in the Public Sector and Not For Profit organisations use Office Timesheets to control their project and staff costs to find greater efficiencies.

Sage Timeslips customers all share the requirement to bill a significant proportion of their fees based on the value of time recorded, as well as at pre-agreed fees. They may also have a need to record time on an ad hoc basis, say as the result of an unexpected phone call. Timeslips customers include Accountants in practice, Architects and Town Planners, Chartered Surveyors, Construction Professionals, Insurance – Chartered Loss Adjusters, Solicitors and Law firms, Legal Services and Corporate and Trust Services.

Insperity TimeSheet Professional and Sage TimeSheet, its predecessor, are functionally stable and no longer under development, but still have active and current user communities. Deepak Sareen Associates still provide support and consultancy services to TimeSheet Professional and Sage TimeSheet customers.

Office Timesheets is the recommended successor to Insperity TimeSheet Professional and Sage TimeSheet. It provides a very close functional match for all Timesheet’s functionality, together with the tools required to ensure a smooth effective and efficient conversion to Office Timesheets. Users find Office Timesheets functionality very familiar, reducing the need for conversion training from TimeSheet Professional, which further eases the time required and cost of conversion.