Office Timesheets – overview

Office Timesheets is a web-based employee time tracking and management timesheet software application. It meets the specialised needs of project-based organisations to track time and expenses for accurate accounting and job/ project costing purposes. It can be used to manage project work-in-progress and profitability, plus client servicing levels including over and under recovery, and provides real-time reporting and billing support.

Office Timesheets is used for project-oriented time recording by large and small businesses, including professional services firms in areas such as design, engineering, IT and PR, major corporates and the public sector – with as few as five users, up to thousands. It provides a conventional Web client as well as a Mobile client for Smartphones and Tablets and can also be used for expense tracking. In addition to fully featured, customisable time tracking functionality, it provides comprehensive rate management, including powerful rules-based billing rates.

Office Timesheets Time Billing Edition contains all the features of Office Timesheets’ Core application combined with comprehensive time,flat fee, and expense billing functionality with tightly integrated billing configuration, options and features throughout the product.The Office Timesheets Time Billing Edition, most importantly, contains an extremely powerful invoice design engine with hundreds of built-in options for building customized invoice templates.

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